Sunday, April 13, 2008

I value a lot of things in life

I value a lot of things in life, mostly laughter and family. My motto in life is no regrets, ever.
I love to laugh, its a huge part of who I am. I think everybody should laugh everyday. I love comedies, and I don't watch dramas. There is enough drama in life without watching drama that people have made-up. I'm currently a student, and I am fiercely independent.
I was born in Europe, and moved here as a little kid. So born and raised in Northern Ontario in a big family. Playing hockey, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors. My family and being outside are still important to me. I also love the rain incessently. Standing in it, biking in it, sailing in it. It's a weird thing, the rain. I suppose it depends on how you decide to take things, they can either be positive or negative. This entire profile has been random, not quite sure what to write. But that just came out of my keyboard, so there it is.

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